Support Feral Cats Through AmazonSmile!

We just signed up for an account on AmazonSmile, which gives you an easy way to support feral cats anytime you use Amazon. See more details below.


Meow Mission Limited

Sponsors for Alley Cat Alleys Event

We’d just like to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors that are making it possible for our Alley Cat Alleys fundraiser in October. Your generosity makes it all possible!

Camp K-9 Doggie Day Care

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Thanks to Our Grant Foundation Supporters

We just want to say a huge “thank you so much!” to the various grant foundations that have helped us out throughout the year thus far. Because of their generosity and support, we’ve been able to help out so many of our feline neighbors. You can read some of their stories on our Facebook page.

And another tremendous “thank you” to Joy Baiz, who has so beautifully written the grant proposals that led to our relationships with the following foundations:


Greg Biggle Foundation Grant

Read more about them here:



Read more about them here: